Pediatric Sleep Expert & Mom Of Two Reveals:

 Finally, Get Your Child Fall Asleep Without Your Help & Little To No Crying In Under 7 Days

So That Sleeping Through The Night & Restorative Naps Come Easy And You Get Your Life Back!

Shannon Glenn is a Mom Of Two who went from sleep deprived and depressed to becoming a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant who helped Over 1,500 families sleeping well Since 2011.
In this exclusive FREE training you will learn:
  • A New Personalised Way to teach your child to become great sleeper without Cry-It-Out (this modern science based method has already helped Over 1,500 Families sleep well), and Why CIO or other methods have failed you.
  • How the sleep books and e-guides can fail you and cause you to have to work on the sleep issues multiple times leading to more frustration and less sleep at night.
  • Why going down drowsy but awake doesn’t always work. 
Learn The Secrets That Doctors And INSTA-famous Sleep Consultants Don't Want You To Know About, During This Exclusive Training!
"I can’t say enough about Shannon... Within one week of starting the plan my five month old was sleeping 7pm and 7am with just one wake up to feed. Shannon is so knowledgeable and supportive. I highly recommend.
- Kelly
  • Founder of
  • ​Helped Over 1,500 families sleeping well since 2011
  • Mentored over 100 Pediatric Sleep Consultants World Wide
Hi, I'm Shannon
When our first baby was born I thought that she would "sleep like a baby".

But that didn't happen for our baby girl. We had many sleepless nights and difficult days until we learned how to help her sleep better and when I went back to work it just went from bad to worse.

So when our 2nd baby was born we wanted to do things different with his sleep and with some gentle strategies and a plan our little guy slept SO much better.

Fast forward over nine years later, and now I get to teach and support busy working parents to help their babies sleep better.

I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of families all over the country teach their babies how to sleep well!

If you're a busy career parent, you don't want to miss this training.
  • Founder of
  • ​Helped Over 1,500 families sleeping well since 2011
  • Mentored over 100 Pediatric Sleep Consultants World Wide
Free Training Reveals The Secrets To Finally Get Your Child Fall Asleep Without Your Help & Little To No Crying In Under 7 Days
100% No Cost & No-Cry-It-Out
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